Creating bound with records
Step 1:  Create a MFHD and ITEM record for the first work in the volume.
a.  In the leader, type of record , code as: x (single-part item. 
b.  For anals. which include numbering in the call numbers of the bound with titles, or numbered volumes of an MPI bound together, create an inclusive call number in the MFHD and ITEM record. 
E.g.,‡a LC160.O3 ‡b P35 no.1-3
c.  If the volume contains unnumbered works bound together, or works bound together which were originally published separately, assign or use the call number which is appropriate for the first work in the volume.  If the first work in the volume is not the “major” or most significant of the items bound together, you may assign the volume a call number for the major work; use cataloger's judgment.
Step 2:  Search Voyager for all the bibs of the remaining works in the volume, and record their vid numbers.
Step 3:  If the secondary bound-with titles (second and subsequent bibs) have MFHDs or ITEM records, delete those MFHDs and ITEM records.
Step 4:  Retrieve the primary ITEM record.
Step 5:  Choose: Record-Link to bibliographic, and enter the vid of the bib record(s) of the bound-with title(s).    Voyager will create a list of the bound with bibs under the associated records display for the primary MFHD.

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