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Special Collections Dept. (Karen Peacock (dept.head), Lynette Furuhashi, Mary Gushiken, Joan Hori, Dore Minatodani, Andrea Nakamura, & Wes Poka) include Hawaiian Collection,  Pacific Collection,  Creole and General Rare.  Special Collections also includes manuscript holdings such as the HSPA Plantation Archives, Dole Corporation Archive, and the Trust Territory Archives Photo Collection.
UH Archives & Manuscripts Dept., newly established July 1, 2004 (Jan Zastrow (dept. head), Jim Cartwright, Ellen Chapman & Sherman Seki, Laura Knodel), includes:  Congressional Papers, University Archives, Hawaii War Records Depository, 442nd, 100th Battalion, Democratic Party Papers.
See also Cat. Dept. memos for procedures for cataloging Kajiyama and Gorey Collection items.
See also instructions for original catalogers upgrading Special Collections reprint bib records:    ReprintCat.doc      
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Nan'yo collection : background
Backgound: The materials on the South Seas ("Nan'yo" in Japanese), particularly the Japanese role in the South Seas, collected by former Japanese specialist librarian Masato Matsui were loosely referred to as the "Nan'yo" collection. Nan'yo items include Japanese documents and records as well as published material and are listed in Masato's published bibliography. 
Over the years, some of the materials were cataloged for the East Asia Collection, but much remained uncataloged. "Nan'yo Collection" is not an East shelving location. In Feb. 2002,  the Japan specialist librarian requested that a note be put in bibs of cataloged Nan'yo materials as a means to designate and distinguish them. Cataloging will add a 541 note in the bib record when requested. Subfield e contains the Nan'yo accession number or control number.
541    ‡5 HU ‡3 EAST ‡a Nan[alif]y[macron]o Collection; ‡e NA-9.
Note: The 541 does not display in WebPAC, but all of its fields are keyword-searchable.
Pacific Rare Nan'yo materials
In April, 2004, Japan specialist librarian decided that some of the cataloged Nan'yo materials in East Asia stacks, as well as the uncataloged Nan'yo materials, should be transferred to Pacific Collection. One reason is the deteriorating condition of the cataloged materials in the East Asia stacks.  Pacific specialist librarians will add these materials to Pacific Rare. They will shelve them as part of Pacific Rare but not integrate them into the other Pacific Rare materials. They will be designated as Nan'yo by a call number prefix in the MFHD (subfield k in field 852).
852       ‡b OuzPRare  ‡k <Nan'yo>  ‡h DUXXX  ‡i .AXX
In addition, Pac librarians request that a note be added to facilitate keyword retrieval of these items.  Add a 971 note in the bib record to records for which Pacific Collection has a Rare Nan'yo copy.
971       ‡a Pac Rare Nan[alif]y[macron]o Collection
WebVoyage display:
Location:       UH Manoa: Hamilton Pacific Rare-Library Use only
Call Number:      <Nan'yo>  DUXXX .JXX 19XX
NOTE: Pac librarians prefer that the Nan'yo designation appear BEFORE the call number.  Use subfield k, call number prefix, to enter this designation.
DIACRITIC NOTE: In the bib record, the Japanese word Nan'yo is romanized with alif separating the syllables and a macron over the final "o."  But in the MFHD, use a simplified romanization of Nan'yo as a sub-collection designation: Nan-apostrophe-yo.
Asia Special
An ASIA SPECIAL location was established in Jan. 2004 to accommodate several uncataloged or archival collections, chiefly Japanese. The materials are housed in Room 405 (which is not accessible to the public). Two collections, Kajiyama and Northeast, have separate Voyager location codes (OuzAKaji and OuzANorthE). To avoid a proliferation of loc codes, Asia librarians requested in April, 2004, that the other collections be designated in Voyager by means of a call number suffix. Enter the appropriate suffix in the MFHD in subfield k of field 852. 
852 0    ‡b OuzASpec ‡h SH383.5.J3‡ i H39 1958a ‡k <Hawley>
WebVoyage display:
Location: UH Manoa: Hamilton Asia Special - Library Use Only
Call Number: SH383.5.J3 H39 1958a <Hawley>
NOTE: Asia librarians prefer that the Nan'yo or other sub-collection designations appear AFTER the call number.  Use subfield k, call number suffix, to enter this designation.
The  ASIA SPEC collections and their MFHD designations are:
DeFrancis Collection - <DeFrancis>
Dead Zone Collection - <Dzone>
Harbin Collection <Harbin>
Hawley Collection - <Hawley>
Japanese language school text books collection - <Jtextbook>
Kaizawa Collection - <Kaizawa>
Nan'yo Collection - <Nan'yo>
John Roberts Collection - <Roberts>
Sakamaki Collection - <Sakamaki>
Satsuma Collection - <Satsuma>
Oliver Statler Collection - <Statler>
Takazawa Collection - <Takazawa>
Tibetan collection
In 2002 decision was made to give Tibetan materials their own location and shelving sequence in the Closed Shelves area. According to the selector (Monica Ghosh), these materials do not constitute an area collection and will not include materials by and about Tibet in other languages. The Tibetan location is a shelving convenience since these materials are housed in long, narrow box-like containers and difficult to interfile with regular books. These materials are in Tibetan and produced by the Tibetans in exile in India. Some of these have full cataloging records and some do not.
The Location codes are:  OuzATibet    and:   OuzATibD0
Initially, the materials will be relocated to the non-circ location, code OuzATibD0. In the future, selector may designate some of them to be circulating.
Northeast Asia Collection
In early 2003, selector (Tokiko Bazzell) requested that a new location be created for the Northeast Asia Collection. This collection was donated by Dr. John Stephan, Emeritus in History Department, and includes  rare materials on relations between Japan, China, Korea, and Russia. His books closely complement the Harbin (Russia) and Kajiyama  Collections. After consulting with Dr. Stephan, Asia selectors decided to create the Northeast Asia Special Collection area in Room 405 (Asia Special Collections Room). The Stephan books will eventually occupy six sections here. Of these approximately 200 volumes are Japanese language books.
The Stephan books will not be integrated with the Harbin materials. The Stephan books will not be divided into regular and oversize. They will be non-circulating.
The Voyager Location code is:  OuzANorthE
The location name is:     Z Asia Northeast
The webPAC display name is:      UH Manoa: Hamilton Asia Northeast
Use item type:  Library Use Only No Holds
Process these materials like Rare or Kajiyama materials. Do not stick on barcodes or call number labels.
Call number labelling and barcodes for:  RARE locations, CHARLOT, BOOK ARTS, GOREY, NORTHEAST ASIA
Do not paste in barcodes on items for these collections. Attach the barcode to an acid-free paper flag, longer (taller) than the book. Write or type the call number (collection name + classification number) below the barcode on the flag. Insert the flag in the book so that the barcode⁄call number protrudes above the binding. Trim the flag if the book is very short. Make a flag for each separate physical piece.
If the item is boxed, lay the flag in the box. If the item is an object (realia) or small or odd-sized, tie or tape the flag, or insert it into the item. Spec Collection staff will figure out how to shelve them.

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