Move copy specific data notes to the MFHD ‡z if the note is appropriate for our copy.
see Book Processing⁄MFHD notes
Sample 500 tag notes:
Notes on paging and layout
Advertising matter included in pagination.
Errata slip tipped in.   [use only if the errata is tipped into the piece by the publisher, otherwise the note goes in the MFHD -- see Copy Specific notes]
English and Maori on inverted pages.
Two works in one volume, with second work on inverted pages.
Opposite pages numbered in duplicate.
Many irregularities in page numbering.
Irregular paging.
Pages after the first 112 wrongly numbered.
Each page represents two double leaves of the original.
Alternate pages blank.
Some of the pages are folded leaves, four pages to a leaf.
Issued in portfolio [a case, a box].
Notes on content or history of the publication
Revision of author's thesis--PLACE, DATE.
Catalog of an exhibition held at ******, MNTH. DAY, YEAR. [expand as needed]
Published on the occasion of the **********.
Previous eds. of ******* were by ***************.
Previously published in: TITLE.
Previously published in various periodicals.
Some papers include summaries.
Facsimile of the DATE manuscript in LOCATION.
Vol. # published by: LOCATION : PUBLISHER.
Reprint. Originally published: CITY : PUBLISHER, DATE.
Reprinted from: TITLE, DATE.

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