For restricted access titles, the link page looks like this:
American Museum Novitates
RESTRICTED: UHM on-campus and off-campus access only
Journal (with Full Text) : v.3286 (2000)-
Note the URL text directly after the question mark -- dbId indicates that this title in located on the proxy server, while jId would indicate the title was available only from an aggregator and should not be used.
3) For restricted use titles, copy the URL for that specific page, i.e. the one with dbId### at the end.
This becomes the link to paste into the ELECTRONIC FORMAT MFHD's 856.
To create the ELECTRONIC FORMAT MFHD, change the Template in Options to:
z:\cat\catss\catss preliminary\zwebhold.tem
This template has the correct Indicators, location, call number, public note, and a place to paste in the URL that you copied. Double click on the PASTE_URL_HERE to highlight.
Be sure to change the template back to
z:\cat\catss\catss preliminary\hold-mono-singl.tem
when you are through with ELECTRONIC FORMAT MFHDs.
On occasion, there will be multiple iterances of a title, such as:
Journal of the History of Ideas
Journal (with Full Text) : v.57:no.1 (1996:Jan.)-
Journal of the History of Ideas
Journal (with Full Text) : v.1 (1940)-v.56 (1995)
In cases such as these, select the entry which best relates to the piece in hand. In the example above, v.8 would link to the bottom site, while volume 59:no.2 would link to the upper site. There are also cases where one site has greater depth of coverage; in these cases, prefer the site which is more complete (unless it's an aggregator, in which case it would be ignored).
When you attach an ELECTRONIC FORMAT MFHD to a bib record, you need to also make the edits to the bib record described in the General Instructions for E-resources .

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