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The manner in which withdrawn material is to be dealt with is changing in Voyager. Due to the limitations in CARL, display call numbers had to be edited to YYYYMMDD WITHDRAWN, and Systems then ran a report of all withdrawn items at the end of the fiscal year. This practice is being discontinued. Instead, there will be two dynamic Excel files on the Technical Services LAN (one for monographs and one for serials) to hold the appropriate information needed to report out at the end of the fiscal year. The withdrawn materials data in the database will be deleted and⁄or updated dynamically. As Public Services does not have access to the Technical Services LAN, they will need to forward the materials to be withdrawn to the appropriate unit.
As an added twist, when we migrated from CARL into Voyager all the pieces that had a CARL status of Lost or Missing became charged out. These need to be charged back in through the Voyager Circulation module before proceeding with the withdrawal. There is a big clue that a piece falls into this category: if the piece has a false barcode (either a N# or a TMP#) and it's charged out, it was lost in CARL (or ALOHA).We know this because in CARL (or ALOHA) a false barcode could not be charged out, whereas in Voyager a false barcode can be charged out. Another clue is that the Item Status Overdue date in Voyager will be 12⁄19⁄2000 (there should also be a status of Lost -Library Applied). So the first thing that needs to be done is to get the negative barcode checked back in. The Head of CatSS can do this. Then you need to wait a day for Voyager to run its overnight batch programs, then proceede with the withdrawal as per usual.
Search Voyager -- check for possible duplicate records, correct as appropriate.
Call up the appropriate Excel spreadsheet (serial or monograph) -- the shortcut is on your desktop
Transcribe from the ITEM record to the spreadsheet the following information:
Date withdrawn and Operator id, <macro key>
Type <v for volume, t for total withdrawal>
OCLC number <only if in bib record, and only if the type of withdrawal is code t; only once per title if number is input>
Barcode, <scanned in if piece is in-hand; Control+C if not>
Location, <copied from the gray portion of the ITEM record>
Call number, <copied from the gray portion of the ITEM record>
Copy number, <copied from the white portion of the ITEM record>
Enumeration, Chronology, Year data, <copied from the white portion of the ITEM record>
Author⁄title (the 245 tag) <copied from the gray portion of the ITEM record; use Home, then Shift+End to capture the entire 245 tag from the ITEM record>
Each physical piece withdrawn goes onto a separate line of the spreadsheet.
Transcribe barcodes as found in the ITEM record. If you are withdrawing a piece for which there is no barcode available (i.e., a second or subsequent ITEM from a title which had never been linked), use the code NBC in the barcode cell on the spreadsheet.
Record and save this information onto the spreadsheet before deleting⁄editing the ITEM or MFHD
Once the appropriate information has been entered into the Excel file, delete from Voyager:
Edit any remaining UH MFHDs to bring up to current specs. Count as corrections.
Frequently, the ITEM record cannot be deleted because there is a Circ transaction present on the ITEM record, or the MFHD cannot be deleted because there is a PO present. Because the ITEM and⁄or MFHD cannot be deleted, the bib record cannot be deleted. In these cases:
Input all appropriate data into the spreadsheet, as noted in General Procedures, above.
If all the ITEMs attached to a MFHD are being withdrawn, change the call number of the MFHD to the format YYYYMMDD WITHDRAWN.
Additionally, on the Excel sheet:
(N.B. If both instances are true - there is a Circ transaction on the ITEM record and there is also a PO attached, color the Excel line orange)
If only some of the ITEMs on a MFHD are to be withdrawn, and one or more of these ITEM records has a Circ transaction attached:
If all items on a MFHD are withdrawn, and the MFHD has a PO or the ITEM record has a Circ transaction on it, suppress the MFHD.
If the ITEM being withdrawn is part of a MPI (Multi-Part Item), and not all the pieces referenced in the 300 tag are linked, go to the stacks to check if there are unlinked pieces. Link pieces found, and complete the MFHD. Complete the withdrawal as above.
If the title is not online (i.e., there is no BIB record in Voyager), complete the withdrawal manually, transcribing the title as it would have appeared in the 245. If the title is in a non-roman script, bounce the title to Head of CatSS for transcription.
For books, see also:   Added⁄Withdrawn copies

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