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Book Processing⁄Oversize⁄Undersize
Follow the size guidelines below to determine whether your book should shelve in an "f" or "ff"  (folio or double folio) location.
Note: The size of the volume is the physical size of the piece in hand, not the size given in the 300 tag. For example, if the size given in the 300 tag is listed as 28 cm., but the physical size of the piece in hand is 30 cm. (due to the way the piece has been bound), it would be considered a folio (if appropriate for the class and⁄or location)
If you have a multi-part set of varying sizes, some normal size and some folio, keep the vols. together. Do not put normal sized vols. of the set in the regular stacks and the oversize vols. into f or ff locations.
BUT, if you have a situation of a set consisting of a very large number of normal-sized vols. and only one or a couple of oversize volumes, you can use your judgment to make an exception. In that case, you will have the set split between two locations, one regular and one oversize, and will record the holdings in two different MFHDs. You should ask Access Services to provide a shelf dummy for the exception volume.
Special Collections undersize measurements
OuzXMini    items with a spine height of 12 cm or less (which does *not* include any HAWN or PACC locations) going into the Special Collections (Special East and Special Asia)
Special Collections Charlot Collection measurements
Charlot: up to 30 cm
Charlot folio: greater than 30 cm up to 45 cm
Charlot double folio: greater than 45 cm
Charlot Ref: up to 32 cm
Charlot Ref folio: greater than 32 cm up to 45 cm
Anything greater than 45 cm. will not be made Ref as there is no way I could fit in anything that is Ref ff on the available reference shelves...It will be kept in Charlot ff instead!
Folios and Double Folio measurements
Assign f (folio) or ff (double folio) call number for print items with the following measurements in the following collections.
Hamilton book measuring 29 cm. in any dimension has Voyager location:  OuzH (or OuzHD0 as appropriate)
Hamilton book measuring 30 cm. in any dimension has Voyager location: OuzHf (or OuzHfD0 as appropriate)
f   30-55 cm.
Hamilton stacks, Hamilton Closed Shelves and Special Collections (except LC call no. class N)
Asia stacks, Asia Special and Closed Shelves (including LC call no. class N)
Asia Ref
East stacks, East Closed Shelves
East Ref
Sinclair non-music
f    35-55 cm.
Hamilton Ref  (BHSD and SciTech)
Hamilton call no. class N
Sinclair Ref
GovDocs (all locations)
f    38-55 cm.
Sinclair call no. class M (scores, printed music), and Sinclair classes ML and MT
ff   over 55 cm. (i.e. items 56 cm. or more in any dimension)
All locations, including Sinclair music and GOVD
SINCLAIR  mini-score measurement
mini     1 cm. to 24 cm., vertical or horizontal measurement (Voyager location code:  OuzSMini)
Sinclair printed music in class M (M call nos. only; does not apply to classes ML, MT)
There is no Juv oversize or double folio location.  All JUV books regardless of size shelve together and receive the same Voyager location code.
Exception: Graded readers intended for the students of SLS programs will circulate for 21 days
There is no oversize Reference section in Wong.  No AV⁄C Ref.f or Ref.ff locations.
CLOSED SHELVES has both f and ff sections, as of 2001.
(Formerly, CLOSED SHELVES oversize titles were marked "f" regardless of size.)

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