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For instruction on processing of Books with accompanying materials, see: Multimedia
Search local database for ACQRECs, duplicates, or usable bib records.
Search bibliographic utilities for matching, usable bib records.
No Hits = Do not input a preliminary IN CATALOGING bib record. Send to Original Cataloging.
Adaptive = Do not file in Cataloging backlog. Give piece directly to Cataloger of the week.
l) LEADER (Type = position 6)
2) 006 = Accept if available. Do not input if lacking.
3) 007 = Accept if available. Input if lacking:
Generic tags:
CD ROM = 007 BB co ugu
DVD ROM = 007 BB co ugu
DISK         = 007 BB cj uau
4) GMD in the 245 ‡h = Use ‡h [electronic resource].
Do not use ‡h [computer file] or ‡h [interactive media], both terms became obsolete as of 12⁄01.
5) 538 System Requirements note
(a) Input only if information is available in a user's manual, on the container or other packaging.
(b) Send to Orig. Cat for review if no 538 information is available.
CD ROMs and DISKs are
currently housed in:
ITEM type by location:
as of (05⁄15⁄07)
ASIA (general stacks) Book
ASIA REF Library Use Only
AV⁄C (Includes HMLTN SCI TECH titles) AV⁄Media items
EAST (general stacks) Book
EAST REF Library Use Only
HAWN (Loc code OuzWD0) Library Use Only
HMLTN (general stacks, rehoused in LBS binder) Book
HMLTN REF Library Use Only
HMLTN CLOSED Book (Unless D0 is indicated on worksheet)
HMLTN SCI TECH (Loc code OuzV) AV⁄Media items
HMLTN SCI TECH REF (Loc code OuzHSciRef) Library Use Only
PACC (Loc code OuzPD0) Library Use Only
SCIREF Library Use Only
SINC CLOSED Book (Unless D0 is indicated on worksheet)
The range of call nos. are assigned depending on what the material is:
In addition, two types of call nos. are assigned depending on where the material is housed:
a. Single ITEM record for the CD ROM, DVD-ROM or DISK only (in ASIA REF and EAST REF)
b. Single ITEM record for the CD ROM, DVD-ROM or DISK only (HAWN⁄PAC; other REF locations
c. Separate ITEM records for CD ROM, DVD-ROM, DISK and all standalone accompanying materials
Count number of computer file titles and pieces (number of discs) processed.

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