sd_f*ngnnmmne*                                    [default values in black]
00         Category of material                           s         sound recording 
01         Specific material designation                           d         sound disc    
02         Original⁄reproduction aspect                                    [OBSOLETE, leave blank or accepts defaults]
03         Speed                                             f         CD
04         Configuration of playback channels
                                                      m         mono
                                                      s         stereo (use if not stated mono or quad.)
                                                      q         quadrophonic
05         Grove width⁄groove pitch                           n         not applicable
06         Dimensions                                    g         4 3⁄4 in. (CD)
07         Tape width                                    n         not applicable
08         Tape configuration                                    n         not applicable
09         Kind of disk, cylinder, or tape                   m         mass produced, commercially produced
10         Kind of material                                    m         plastic with metal
11         Kind of cutting                                    n         not applicable
12         Special playback characteristics                  e         digital recording (carrier is a CD)
13         Capture technique                           e         analog (item may say ADD or AAD)
                                                      d         digital (item says DDD)
                                                      u         unknown
Locally assigned call number format                  COMPACT DISC ####
Sample 300 tag:
‡a 2 sound discs (113 min.) : ‡b digital, stereo. ; ‡c 4 3⁄4 in.+ ‡e inserts.

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