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1) Go to the ProQuest site Basic search screen. Input key words or the title of the dissertation in the long box.
2) Search the site for the specific title. This should take you to a Results page.
3) On the Results page, access the Web page for the Document View.
To do so, click on the hot link for the specific title you are cataloging (there may be more than one result on this page, depending on how specific your search was to begin with).
4) Examine the Document View page:
  Full Text - PDF
A) if this icon is present:copy the link to the Document View URL from your browser:
This is the link to paste into the ELECTRONIC FORMAT MFHD's 856.
B) if this icon is not present and there is an abstract available: this means that there is only a citation and an abstract available for the selected dissertation. In these cases (and any other cases where there is an abstract but no free full-text version available), there will be no MFHD for the electronic format. Instead, the prelim bib should have an 856 42 and a 530 like this:
530 __  Abstract also available via World Wide Web.
856 42  ‡3 Abstract ‡u http:⁄⁄⁄pqdweb?index, followed by a very long series of alphanumeric characters
No computer file 007 in the bib.
No ending punctuation on the ‡3 field.
No need for a proxy-server URL.
No MFHD for electronic format.
C) if the icon is not present and there is no abstract: delete all references in the bib record to the electronic version; do not input if lacking in bib.
5) To create the ELECTRONIC FORMAT MFHD, change the Template in Options to:
z:\cat\catss\catss preliminary\Proquest_UH_Theses.tem
This template has the correct Indicators, location, call number, public note, and a place to paste in the URL that you copied. Double click on the PASTE_URL_FROM_FULL_CITATION_PAGE_HERE to highlight.
Edit the 843 ‡d (default is 20##?]). Change the date to the date of the thesis as it appears in the 502 tag in the bib record. Leave the question mark and ending bracket in place.
Be sure to change the template back to
z:\cat\catss\catss preliminary\hold-mono-singl.tem
when you are through with ELECTRONIC FORMAT MFHDs.
Statistics: Count as Web resources added links.

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