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CJK Cataloging on OCLC
Editing Japanese WINE records
The following guidelines were given by Hisako Kotaka, OCLC (May 2004).
OCLC symbol LWU is equivalent to MARC institution code JaToWDT, which is for the Waseda University Library, located in Tokyo, Japan.  These are sometimes called WINE records; WINE stands for Waseda University Scholarly Information Network System.
WINE records are identified by 040  field:   ‡a LWU ‡b jpn ‡c LWU
Enhance WINE records if and only if there is no other hit in WorldCat.
Basic steps:
1.   delete "‡b jpn" in 040
2.   keep 066, 084 as is
3.   add valid LC class number and Cutter in 090  (but we prefer to use 050   4)
4.   keep 653 as is
5.   revise⁄enhance 1xx, 2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx, 7xx and 8xx following AACR2r and LCRI
6.   add valid LC subject headings (6xx)
7.   revise fixed fields to match variable fields, including encoding level.  In order to receive enhance credit, encoding level must be "I"
8.   use 'replace' command to enhance record online.
(For more information, see  WINE MARC Project Report  )
Hiragana kurikaeshi kigo
Use the hiragana script itself to transcribe the hiragana repetition symbol.
While OCLC CJK records are still stored in US MARC-8 character sets including EACC (East Asian Character Code), Unicode 309D and 309E (hiragana iteration marks) are simply not valid codes in EACC.
LC⁄OCLC⁄RLIN have acknowledged certain shortcoming in the scope of EACC set since its implementation. The missing 'hiragana kurikaeshi kigo' in EACC is one of them. And, there is no plan to expand the EACC contents today.
   (from Hisako Kotaka,   May 2004)
See OCLC CJK special characters and punctuation codes

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