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The input standards for PRELIM CATALOGING have been changed to conform to MARC 21 and AACR2 bibliographic input standards.
1. All monographic prelim cataloging (except anals) will include all applicable MARC 21 tags except Library of Congress classification numbers and subject headings.
2. Monographic prelim analytic cataloging will include 050 b4 Library of Congress classification number tags in the Bib record.
3. See also UH Theses: Theses Prelim Procedure
1.Search for copy:
2. Input standards:
3. Authority control:
4. Punctuation & spacing:
5. Diacritics & Special Characters:
6. Leader:
Record status n (new)
Type of record a (language material)
Bibliographic level m (monograph)
Encoding level 5
Descriptive Cataloging Form a (AACR2)
7. 008 Fixed Field:
Date entered Required (System supplied)
Date type Mandatory (Default = s)
Date 1 Mandatory (Default = 2001, change to year of publication)
Date 2 Required if applicable
Country code Required. Use xx if unknown
Illustrations (1-4) Input if applicable
Nature of contents Input if applicable (default in position 1 = b = bibliography present)
Government Publication Input if a government publication
Index Input if applicable (default = 1 = index present)
Language code Required if available. Use und if unknown
Cataloging source Accept default (d)
8. Variable Fields:
010 LCCN
LCCN's beginning with two digit dates start at the fourth position (space over 4 spaces)
LCCN's beginning with four digit dates start at third position (space over 3 spaces)
020 ISBN
Input as found on the piece, either 10 or 13 digit numbers
Include qualifiers, if appropriate  -- e.g. (pbk.) or (v. 2 : alk. paper)
028 02 Publisher number
Input if appropriate
040 Source of Cataloging
Accept default ‡a ‡c  (‡a HUH ‡c HUH)
041 Language Code
Input if multilingual or a translation
Indicator 1 default = 0
Input if multiple languages appear on piece; multiple languages codes go in separate ‡a fields
If piece is a translation, or includes a translation, that language code appears in ‡h
If ‡h is present, first indicator must be 1
050 B4 Library of Congress Classification Number
For anals, input locally assigned anal call number.
For all other items, do not input a call number.
100 Personal Name Main Entry
Verify the heading and input a 1XX Main Entry if an author is present, using authorized form if available.
Input name as it appears on the title page if unverified. Use upper⁄lower case.
Preliminary book main entries are not limited exclusively to 245 title entries. If a 1XX main entry is difficult to identify, input a 245 title main entry instead, adding appropriate 7XX added entries as required.
245 Title Statement
Subfield Input order is ‡a ‡h ‡n ‡p ‡b ‡c
Keep the first indicator as a 1 if 1XX tag is present
Include initial articles and input 2nd (filing) indicator for the number of non-filing characters present.
Pay special attention to filing indicators when special characters or diarcitics are present.
246 Added Title
Input as appropriate: see 246 tag guidelines
250 Edition Statement
Input ‡a.
260 Imprint
Input ‡a (Place of publication) :
Input ‡b (Name of publisher),
Input ‡c (Year followed by full stop, match to 008⁄Year 1 (and 2, if using))
Use ‡a [S.l. : ‡c s.n.], if place⁄name unknown
300 Physical Description
Input ‡a (Pagination, up to three divisions)
Input ‡b as appropriate; match to codes used in 008
Input ‡c. (Dimensions)
Input ‡e (Accompanying materials) if appropriate
490 Series Statement
Transcribe exactly as it appears
First Indicator (default is 1)
1 The series has no corresponding added entry (not traced) or has a corresponding 800-830 series added entry field (traced differently)
0 No series added entry is desired for the series (do not use)
Do not input a ‡x ISSN number
Use standard abbreviations in ‡v Series number  (i.e. ‡v no. 2   ‡v v. 245)
500 General Note
Add as needed; input note(s) into ‡a
Use multiple 500 tags for multiple notes
Use this note to record:
In title the word pi is represented by the Greek symbol.
504 Bibliography Note
Complete ‡a if bibliographical references are present
Input note if discographies, filmographies or other bibliographic information is present.
Delete 504 tag and 008⁄Bibliography if bibliography not present
If both bibliographical reference and index are present, input a combined 504 note.
505 Formatted contents note
Add if appropriate
7XX Added Entry
Add if appropriate
Follow input standards as for 100 Tag
8XX Series Added Entry
When value "1" is used in series 490 tag, the appropriate field 800-830 is built during the BAM process to provide the series added entry.
856 40 Electronic Location and Access
Edit ‡u to match URL <default ‡u http:⁄⁄URL_GOES_HERE >
After saving the record to the database, be sure to use Cataloger's toolkit to BAM the record
9. MFHD & ITEM records:
‡b Location Code = As appropriate
866 = Supply if appropriate
843 = Paste the 533 tag from the bib record, and change to an 843 tag in the MFHD
Original paper copy ITEM:
Barcode = Use barcoded 4”x2” self adhesive label, attach after the title page.
Item Type = As appropriate
Enumeration = Supply if appropriate, match format to 866
10. Statistics
Count the number of titles and volumes prelim cataloged by branch.
11 Questions, problems
Refer all questions and problems to Head of CatSS.

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