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"Here are a few tips when searching WorldCat records in the Connexion browser.
When executing a search, it is not necessary to use the mouse to click the "Search" button. Just press <Enter> on your keyboard to send your search request.
From a list or record, press <Ctrl><Shift><W> to return to the WorldCat search screen. You are placed back into the search area you used most recently, with your last search highlighted. Then you can just start typing without having to delete your previous search.
To preserve keywords you typed in the text boxes and retain specified qualifier values, select the Retain Search check box.
If Retain Search is not selected (the default setting), the system clears the text boxes and resets qualifiers to default values.
Index lists always retain the last index you selected."
OCLC-Cat e-list, Sept. 30, 2004, e-mail from Chris Grabenstatter, Mgr, Cataloging Products Management, Cataloging Products & Services, OCLC Inc.
"Did you know that Connexion browser Quick Search provides a command line search similar to "top of the screen" searching from Passport? Plus, using Connexion browser Quick Search saves a trip to the OCLC host system and will improve your response time. Use Quick Search to search WorldCat from a results screen (group list or brief list) or from a bibliographic record view, without returning to the Search WorldCat screen.
- The Quick Search box is hidden by default. Once you display it (<Alt><Q>), Quick Search remains visible on all WorldCat results screens and WorldCat record views, until you hide it by pressing <Alt><Q> again.
- Bring your cursor's focus into the Quick search box by pressing <Alt><.[period]>
- Enter any WorldCat search type, including a title phrase search.
- The Quick Search box retains your last WorldCat search, whether performed from the Search WorldCat screen or from Quick Search. When the Quick Search box retains a keyword, numeric, or derived search (entered via the Search WorldCat screen), the search is formatted as a command line search.
- Connexion retains your Quick Search setting between sessions; the setting is associated with your authorization number.
Note: Keystrokes for Quick Search work only in supported versions of Internet Explorer."
OCLC-Cat e-list, Oct. 5, 2004, e-mail from Chris Grabenstatter, OCLC
"It is possible to copy and paste an entire field from one record to another in the Connexion client.  To copy a field, right click anywhere in a field and then click "Copy Field".  Create a blank line in your other bib record and with your cursor in the tag position right click and select "Paste". The entire field (tag, indictors and content designators) is copied over to your other record."
OCLC-Cat e-list, 9⁄30⁄04, from Mary Roach, University of Kansas Libraries
To release any Connexion records "in use by another user":
close all record screens
click 'file'
click 'local file manager'
click 'compact⁄repair'
click 'ok'
click 'close'

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