For anals:
Determine if the web resource is available for free (UNRESTRICTED) or if it requires a subscription (RESTRICTED).
1) Copy ‡a from the series statement from the bib record
2) Go to the Electronic Resources Search Page to see if the series is a free resource, or a paid resource and if it is from an aggregator or not.
Paste the series title in the search box, accept all other defaults, execute search.
For example:
American Museum novitates [via provider BioOne]
Journal (with Full Text) : to present
American Museum Novitates
Journal (with Full Text) : v.3286 (2000)-
The links in green take you to the resource details page.
In the example above, BioOne is an aggregator. Aggregators are indicated by the text [via provider....] Ignore links to aggregators, even if they are the only source of the data; they are simply too unstable to use for long-term access. In the example above, the correct choice would be the bottom link (the one with no bracketed provider information)
Clicking on the hotlink will display the Resource Details page, where you will see either
Click HERE for RESTRICTED: instructions  
Click HERE for UNRESTRICTED: instructions

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