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Processing Procedures for DVDs in a Single Case (Hard Plastic)
REHOUSINGRemove the front cover insert art from the DVD case, as well as any inner insert(s) (if present). Label the front cover insert art with the call number label, then return the DVD to Sinclair with in the original case, as well as any inner insert(s). Rehouse the DVD in a translucent white DVD case. Place the empty DVD cases in the box under the worktable in CatSS; the cases will be sold through G&E.
CALL NUMBER:  Use accession type call number: DVD + [acc. Number]. Call number sequence is controlled by pre-printed Avery labels, maintained in Cataloging. Affix the call number label to the lower left-hand corner of the detached front cover insert art. DVD-R copies created by Sinclair staff will have pre-assigned accession numbers printed on the disc itself.
DVD MFHD call numbers must be a minimum of 4 digits long, use leading zeros as needed. Do not use leading zeros on the call number label, however.
BARCODES:  (beginning Dec 1, 2006) Do not assign a barcode to the ITEM record; A⁄V Center staff will assign the barcode to the piece once the piece has been received at Sinclair. However, continue to assign the In Process status to the ITEM record.
(Recent practice: Place the barcode on the inside cover of the rehoused DVD case, against the inside spine)
(Earlier practice: Beginning Jan. 2002, barcodes were attached to a flat space above or below disc. DVD rehousing began at request of Sinclair in May 2003.)
(Still earlier practice:  barcodes were stuck on back cover of print insert sheets, or on verso of insert sheet, in the lower right-hand corner. Barcode location changed at request of Sinclair in Jan. 2002.)
MFHD:          Use location code                   OuzV
ITEM:         Use Item Type code         AV⁄Media
Set the ITEM Status in the ITEM record to In Process.
(Note: DVDs are the only AV format material for which Cataloging staff enters an item status, at the request of Sinclair staff. Sinclair staff will adjust the ITEM status when the DVDs are received at Sinclair and ready for patrons.)
To set the ITEM status:
Click on the graph button in the lower lefthand corner of the ITEM record to open the selection window
Scroll down to the In Process line
Double-click the words In Process
Click the OK button to set the status
Save the ITEM record to save the status
852   ‡b OuzV ‡h DVD ####
583   ‡l Library also has preservation copy
Note: Formerly, 583 preservation copy notes were entered in the bib record. Move existing 583 Preservation copy notes from bib to MFHD if you are touching or editing a record for a DVD.
Use above MFHD notes mainly for Hawaiian and Pacific DVDs whenever a preservation or archival copy accompanies the circulating copy; (worksheet, if present,  will be annotated: 1 use cop.; 1 p or archival cop.). Preservation⁄archival copies are stored in HAWN⁄PACC
If there is more than one copy for a location, put the preservation note in the lowest copy number.
Differing format for p-copies
Normally, use copies and their respective p-copies are in the same format (CD, DVD, etc.). However, there are cases where there is a difference in format between the p-copy and the use copy. In those instances, there is no way to assign the p-copy an Accession format call number which is different from the use copy and to make the fact the we own both formats easily accessible and understandable to the patron without the use of MFHD notes. Therefore:
Regardless of physical format of p-copy, all p-copy items will be assigned the same Accession call the use copy.
To account for the differing formats, input a parenthetical qualifier in the 583 MFHD note:
852   ‡b OuzV ‡h ACCESSION CALL ####
583   ‡l Library also has preservation copy (APPROPRIATE FORMAT)
In the case of multiple p-copies, call them p-copy 1 and p-copy 2, using separate 583 MFHD tags
852   ‡b OuzV ‡h ACCESSION CALL ####
583   ‡l Library also has preservation copy (APPROPRIATE FORMAT)
583   ‡l Library also has preservation copy (DIFFERENT FORMAT) c.2
The call number label for the p-copy follows this format:
FORMAT                  FORMAT
Accession #         Accession #
p                  p
Individual collections will then prepare shelf "dummies" to keep track of the actual shelving location of the differing p-copy format.
Count DVD titles on Monographs-Non-print Formats sheet, VDISC category.
Tie together the translucent white DVD case and any detached insert (if present), along with the paper cover art (with call number attached).
Route to the appropriate destination, following the instructions from the routing chart.
Bounce questions⁄problems to Head of CatSS.

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