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Reformatting videotapes to DVDs: monographs
In order to preserve access and usability for BETA and VHS format videotapes that are becoming obsolete, Wong AV Center staff decided to reformat selected videotapes to DVD use and preservation copies. The titles in question are not feature films and⁄or not currently available as DVDs. The Video Librarian will determine which titles are available as DVDs.
A⁄V Center staff will retrieve the use copy (and preservation copy, if available) of videotapes to be reformatted, make sure the use copies are discharged, create DVD use copies and preservation copies, assign DVD accession numbers, have them printed on the DVDs, and send all the copies to Head of CatSS.
For videotapes with no preservation copy, the use copy will be retained as a preservation copy.
When replacement DVDs are received, follow instructions for AV replacements.
For materials which change format, CatSS will edit the existing bib records as follows:
Bibliographic record – Fixed fields
Edit existing 007 to DVD coding; add 007 using DVD coding if 007 lacking
Standard default coding:  d_cvaizu - edit to match piece, as needed
Add additional 007 with DVD coding
Standard DVD default coding:  d_cvaizu - edit to match piece, as needed
Bibliographic record – Variable fields
246 1 - ‡i TItle on DVD: ‡a[Title as it appears on disc]
Add a 533 reproduction note:
533 - - ‡a Videodisc. ‡b [Honolulu] : ‡c Wong Audiovisual Center, ‡d [year of reproduction] ‡n DVD-R
Add a 530 Additional Physical Form note:
530 - - ‡a Also available on DVD-R.
Treatment of existing videotape(s):
Print out the bib record.
Affix barcodes(s) from pieces being withdrawn to the printout.
Add “p” below existing videotape accession number
Cross out call number from piece(s) being withdrawn.
Stamp the piece(s) “Withdrawn”
Holdings record:
Add DVD coding to 007, matching the one used in the bib record
Retain any existing 845 Restrictions on Use note(s)
Retain any existing 583 p-copy notes for other formats (example: U-matic, 3⁄4 in.)
Add 583 p-copy note for new DVD p-copy
Move existing videotape number to DVD p-copy note; qualify by format⁄vol.⁄aspect ratio if necessary
583 - - ‡l Library also has preservation copy (VIDEOTAPE nnnn p)
583 - - ‡l Library also has preservation copy (VIDEOTAPE nnnn p; letterbox)
583 - - ‡l Library also has preservation copy (VIDEOTAPE nnnn p, 3 v.)
583 - - ‡l Library also has preservation copy (VIDEOTAPE nnnn p, v.1,v.5)
583 - - ‡l Library also has preservation copy (VIDEOTAPE nnnn p (Beta), no.3-no.8)
Edit 852 to new DVD accession number and add public note:
852 8 - ‡b OuzV ‡h DVD nnnn ‡z <DVD-R>
‡z <DVD-R; 2 v. on 1 disc>
‡z <DVD-R; 2 pts. on 1 disc>
‡z <DVD-R; no.11 of the set>
Add 866 tag(s) if needed; do not add 866 tag if the 852 ‡z has been qualified
Add an 843 reproduction note (copy bib 533 tag and delete the ‡n):
843 - - ‡a Videodisc. ‡b [Honolulu] : ‡c Wong Audiovisual Center, ‡d [year of reproduction]
Save edited MFHD
Item record:
Create new item record for DVD
barcode number blank
“In Process” status
add additional ITEM records if necessary for enumerated volumes, to match 866 tag in MFHD
Accompanying material(s):
For booklets, guides and the like, request Sinclair to have the piece(s) remarked to the new DVD number. Move the ITEM record to the newly created DVD-R MFHD, and add the appropriate 866 tag(s)
Labeling of DVD p-copy:
Copy the DVD accession number from DVD use copy onto partially printed DVD label
Affix to lower left corner of container insert of preservation copy
Return all use copies to Lois Tom, Sinclair, including withdrawn pieces.
Alexis will discard withdrawn videotape use copy.
Send DVD p-copies to HAWN⁄PACC
Route withdrawal paperwork to bin in CatSS
1 VTAPE recat⁄upgrade⁄convert
1 DVD added copy⁄volume

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