BIB record -- should reflect first Microform copy into the database
007: add multiple 007s to reflect differing Microforms; first 007 should reflect first Microform
008:   Ensure Date(s) reflect date of Original paper copy;
Ensure Form of item ["a" or "b"] reflects first Microform:
"a" = microfilm    "b" = microfiche
245: add ‡h [microform] after ‡a if lacking
533:  if present, notify other site move to appropriate Microform MFHD and change to 843 tag
583:  if microform data present, notify other site to move to Microform MFHD 843, ‡n
MFHD record for each different Microform
007: add to reflect specific Microform
866: Input only if needed, i.e. Accompanying material present, or volume designation
843:   add to reflect specific Microform
‡a Microfiche. ‡b Ann Arbor, Mich. : ‡c University Microfilms, ‡d 20**. ‡e * microfiches : negative
[only use negative if piece is negative]
‡a Microfilm. ‡b Honolulu, HI : ‡c University of Hawaii at Manoa Library, ‡d 20**. ‡e 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. ‡f (MN# ; ###). ‡n Printing master (negative) : MICROFILM PS####.

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