last updated Tue Aug-26-2008  15:53
Soft cover binding policy to deal with bindery funds shortfall
For all collections except HAWN⁄PACC, if the piece is book-like (that is, with a glued spine) and able to stand on its own in the stacks, with a thickness of 3⁄8" or less, Cataloging will send it through the labeling process as if it were a hardcover. These pieces go on the softcover truck in the Archives Workroom.
Non HAWN⁄PACC flimsy materials that can not stand on their own, spiral-bound or looseleaf materials, or materials that require further in-house conservation (phase boxes, tuxedo boxes, single signature octavos stapled through the spine, tip-ins, CD-ROMs in the piece, lining papers, bookplates, make pocket) will be routed through Preservation. Do not put on the labeling trucks in the Archives Workroom.
Depending on the treatment needed, Preservation will either treat these in-house and send to the stacks, or hold until there is money for binding.
N.B.    Softcover RUSH materials that need no in-house conservation go to the hardcover truck in the Archives Workroom.
If in doubt, or if more than one criterion applies to a non HAWN⁄PACC title (i.e., a softcover HMLTN RUSH title that is stapled, or a softcover ASIA RUSH that is spiral-bound), barcode and send for labeling as if it were a hardcover. Circulation will send the material to Preservation after the piece has been returned.
"Normal" bindery activities may resume, depending upon the level of funding, at some point in the future.

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