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This lets you enter a list of author⁄title authority records by first word of the subfield t
2.  WINE records
. Extracted from e-mail dated May 10, 2004
WINE records are identified by "‡ a LWU ‡b jpn ‡c LWU"
Enhance WINE records if and only if there is no other hit in WorldCat.
Basic steps:
1. delete subfield  "‡b jpn" in 040
2. keep 066, 084 as is
3. add valid LC class number and Cutter in 090
4. keep 653 as is
5. revise⁄enhance  1xx, 2xx,3xx,4xx,5xx,7xx and 8xx following AACR2r and LCRI
6. add valid LC subject headings (6xx)
7. revise fix fields to match variable fields, including encoding level. In order to receive enhance credit, encoding level must be "I"
8. use 'replace' command to enhance record online.
Configure your PC to import records from OCLC
The following three steps need to be done once.  From then on, you can upload Voyager records into OCLC, using Passport.
1. Open My Computer or Windows Explorer
Go to the LAN folder: Z:\Community\VOYAGER\Cat_Stuff\OCLC
Copy file: mrc2oclv.mbk
Paste it to: C:\oclcapps\PASSPORT
2.  Open OCLC Passport
Click 'tools'
Click 'customize'
Click 'toolbar' tab
Click 'user tool 3' pulldown menu arrow
Scroll down and highlight: Macro:MRC2OCLV!MARC2OCLC
Click 'OK'
3.  In Voyager
Click 'options'
Click 'preferences'
Type in 'Bib' space under 'Work Files': c:\oclcapps\import.bib
Type in 'Auth' space under 'Work Files': c:\oclcapps\import.auth
Click 'OK'
Search OCLC to be sure there is no matching record.  (It's an OCLC sin to input duplicate records).
For guidance, consult OCLC documentation:  Bibliographic Formats and Standards, Chapter 4, When to input a new record.
     Available at:⁄bibformats⁄
If there is a matching record, whether fully or poorly cataloged, follow existing record upgrade or merge procedure. Or ENHANCE the OCLC record, if suitable.
If you're ready to contribute your new, HUH original record to OCLC, follow these steps:
Step A.
Complete cataloging in Voyager
Display the bib record
Click 'save' icon or click 'file' and 'save'
Click 'OK' or press 'enter' key to the message:
“The record was saved in: IMPORT.BIB”
Step B.
Logon to Passport
Click the yellow user tool '3' button
If the wrong record is built:
Press 'home' key
Type 'cancel' [without quotes] and touch F11 function key
Press 'home key'
Type 'remove' [without quotes] and touch F11 function key
Logoff Passport
Go back to Voyager
Close the bib screen
Retrieve the record and save it again
Go back to OCLC Passport and click user tool '3' again
Step C.
Do editing if necessary on the OCLC record.
[default is overstrike mode' press 'insert' key on keyboard to toggle insert mode]
[send changes with F10 function key]
----- check encoding level (I = full; K= less than full)
----- check leader, 006, 007
----- delete 998 [type line number and F11 at home position]
Validate record (val F11)
Update record (u F11)
Highlight and copy OCLC record number
Step D.
Go to Voyager
Add new 035 tag with 'ocm' followed by OCLC bib number in ‡a
Example: ocm49123456
Repeat any editing changes made on Passport
Boat the record
Alternatively, you can xpo the OCLC record and merge it with existing Voyager record. In this alternative method, xpo the OCLC record after you update it.  In place of Step D instructions, follow Voyager merge procedures to replace the Voyager record with the OCLC version.

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