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C-FLY (Conversion-on-the-Fly records or COFs; aka Cataloging Review)
Conversion-on-the-fly records (also known as C-Fly or CFLY) are brief records input into the database by Circ staff when a patron wants to charge out a piece that is not linked.This allows the piece to circulate. Circulation also adds a status of "Cataloging Review" to the ITEM record. Because the CFLY ITEM record will have circulation information attached it is important to keep that ITEM record.
When the piece is returned, the Circ staff
The monographic title is searched thoroughly in CatSS. If the title is already in the database, CatSS staff :
Checks the ITEM record on the full bib.
If the title is not in the database, CatSS staff will :
If the title is not in the database and is not found on any utility, CatSS staff will:

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