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MICROFILM S50060 no.____ [no space after no.]
Shipment arrives annually in the fall, addressed to Pacific Collection.
Pacific Collection sends everything to Serials.
Serials checks in microfilm reels, printed guides and reel lists.
Serials labels the guides and reel lists.
Serials marks the call number on the microfilm boxes.
Serials sends everything to Cataloging, including the packing list.
Some titles are new. Some reels are to be added to existing records.
Some boxes may have printed labels that indicate RESTRICTED ACCESS.
View the microfilm on the reader or use the loupe.
For questions:
Tess Sotelo or Ewan Maidment,
1. Search Voyager
a. If there is a Voyager record, check if there is also an OCLC record
i. If there is an OCLC record with 040 ‡a HUH, edit, replace, export, import and merge with existing Voyager record.
ii. If there is an OCLC record contributed by another library, edit, export, import and merge
b. If there is no Voyager record, search OCLC
i. If there is an OCLC record with 040 ‡a HUH, edit, replace, export, import
ii. If there is an OCLC record contributed by another library, edit, export, import
c. If there is no Voyager or OCLC record, create a new record in Voyager [use microfilm s50060 template] and upload it to OCLC.
2. Bib records:
Record status                  n         new
Type of record                  a         language material
Bibliographic level                  m         monograph
Type of control         _         no specific type of control
Encoding level                  K         less than full
Cataloging form                  a         AACR 2
Linked record                  _         related record not required
Specific material designation         d         microfilm reel
Original vs. reproduction         _         undefined
Positive⁄negative aspect         a         positive
Dimensions                           f         35 mm. Microfilm
Reduction ratio                  u         unknown
Color                                    b         black and white
Emulsion                           a         silver
Generation                           c         service copy
Base of film                           a         safety base
008 [new records]
Publication status                  s         single date
Date 1                                    [year distributed, usually on packing list]
Place of publication                  at         Australia
Form of item                  a         microfilm
Language                           eng         English
Cataloging source                  d         other
008 [existing records]
Publication status         m         multiple dates
Date 1                           beginning year [email Pambu if necessary]
Date 2                           ending year [usually the year received]
043         geographic area code
045 2 _ ‡b dyear ‡b dyear [time period of content]
099         MICROFILM S50060 no.xxxx
245         ‡h [microform]
Include the inclusive dates in the title proper. Example: Wills, 1888-1991
[existing records]
245         ‡a [the inclusive dates may need to be changed]
         246 1 _ ‡i Title on container, reel x: ‡a [variant title]
         [new records]
260           ‡a Canberra, ACT : ‡b Pacific Manuscripts Bureau, ‡c [year distributed]
[existing records]           ‡c [year first distributed-year of current distribution]
300          ‡a x microfilm reel(s) ; ‡c 35 mm. + ‡e 1 guide + 1 reel list
490 1 _         PMB ; ‡v xxxx
545         [historical⁄biographical note from web]
520         [summary note from web]
535         [location of originals]
555 1 _ Guide and reel list available also on the World Wide Web.
6xx _ 0         ‡v Archives.
7xx         [as needed]
710 2 _ ‡a Australian National University. ‡b Pacific Manuscripts Bureau.
830 _ 0          PMB (Series) ; ‡v xxxx.
856 4 2          ‡u http:⁄⁄⁄pambu⁄reels⁄manuscripts⁄PDFxxxx
Get URL from Pambu online catalog: http:⁄⁄⁄pambu⁄
3. Holdings records:
         Leader         code for single or multipart items
         007                  [same as bib record]
852 8 _          ‡b OuzPRare ‡h MICROFILM S50060 no.xxxx ‡z <Guide and reel list cataloged separately: Hamilton Pacific Z4001 .P32 no.xxxx>
[All others]
852 8 _          ‡b OuzHD0 ‡h MICROFILM S50060 no.xxxx ‡z <Guide and reel list cataloged separately: Hamilton Pacific Z4001 .P32 no.xxxx>
[multi-part items only]
866 4 1         ‡8 0 ‡a reel 1-reel x [current highest reel number]
4. Item records:
         Barcode         1090 followed by VID number
         Perm. Loc.         [same as location in holdings record]
         Item type         Library use only
         Pieces                  [same as number of reels in bib record]
5. Printed guides and reel lists:
         These should be already stapled together with the guide on top.
[existing records only]
Write the current range of reel numbers held below the call number:
4001 .
reels 1-x [current highest reel number]
If there is no accompanying guide and reel list, print from web, staple and label as above.
Put all guides and reel lists on 'department review' truck in CatSS area.
6. Microfilm boxes:
Put 'access restricted' microfilm boxes on 'special collections pickup' truck
Put all other microfilm boxes on 'return to stacks' truck
pmb microfilm s50060.doc
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