last updated Mon May-24-2004  15:50
RAND reports collection
RAND publications are kept in cabinets on the 2nd floor, and are part of the Hamilton collection. They are fully cataloged but are arranged by RAND publication serials numbers (not LC classification).
In March, 2004, selectors requested that substantial monographic items among the RAND publications be moved to the stacks and assigned regular LC classification call numbers, instead of shelving them by RAND serial no. in the RAND reports filing cabinets. "Substantial"  generally means a hardbound book, or a publication on a hot topic. Most RAND publications are short technical reports, softbound, containing fewer than 100 p.
As a pilot project (started in spring 2004) Milton Mukai, the RAND serials receiver, will pass on to Mike every RAND publication he checks in so we can get an idea of what kinds of RAND publications we are receiving. Mike will create Voyager records for the RAND series and serials so that they can be checked in online in the future and classed in LC class numbers or in a filing cabinet, as appropriate. The goal is that eventually RAND series and serials can be checked in, marked, and sent to the stacks by Serials, while RAND monographs will be routed to CATSS for copy cataloging or prelim cataloging.

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