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I.  Outline of cataloging procedures for UHM theses
II.   FAQ on cataloging UH theses:
III.   Detailed step-by-step procedures for creating UH theses records in OCLC
(For CatSS procedures in preparing prelim theses records, see also:    UH theses--Prelim. procedures )
I.  Outline of cataloging procedures for UHM theses
FINAL RESULT: a single bib record in Voyager describing the original manuscript, with separate MFHDs for it (and a second MFHD if electronic copy exists). Following OCLC input guidelines, catalogers contribute separate records to OCLC for the manuscript; optionally, the cataloger may choose to contribute a second record for the electronic version. In the Voyager shared database, catalogers follow "master record" policy, and hang print and electronic holdings records on a single bib.
1.  Retrieve the preliminary thesis bibliographic record from LIVE and upgrade to full cataloging.
2.  Tagging and coding guidelines
a.  Code Leader-Type as  "t" in print bib.
b.  Change encoding level in leader from "5" to full level
3.  Cataloging guidelines  (Voyager)
a.  Perform authority verification; establish headings as needed
NOTE:  It is not required to create an NAR for all theses authors, especially those for whom it is likely that the full form of name on the thesis will differ from the form chosen by the author in later publications. Use judgment.
NOTE: If a student has the same name as another author in Voyager or in the LC name authority file, resolve the conflict by requesting information from the UHM Graduate Records Office. Send an email message to:
We would like to request the following information for this student,
to distinguish him or her from other authors with the same name:
[list the information being requested, for example:]
year of birth
full middle name
gender (will not appear in online catalog)
Student name
month and year
type of degree
When creating the name authority record, cite the source as follows:
670 Email from Graduate Division, University of Hawaii at Manoa,
[date] ‡b ([student name], b. [date])
(Per message of 6⁄15⁄04 from Grad. Div., e-mail is preferred over phone call requests.  If there is no response after a reasonable time, follow up with a phone call or another email.)
b.  Assign subject heading(s)
c. Edit the IN CATALOGING [LC-style call number] MFHD call numbers for the paper copy:
Unbound paper copy ----- Change to UHM thesis analytic call number.
d.  If the thesis is available electronically through our ProQuest subscription, ADD a MFHD for the electronic format and supply bib note and URL in the MFHD for the particular thesis. Follow MFHD guidelines for restricted electronic resources.  NOTE:  Also search non-UH theses and dissertations which we are cataloging in ProQuest, and supply links to them also if available. For procedures see: ProQuest
e.   Leave the two 007 fields in the final Voyager bib record. The MFHDs for the electronic version (if any) will also have appropriate 007 fields.  (NOTE: Even though the Voyager records describes the original print manuscript, presence of the 007s may, or should, enable format limit searching in the future.  As of 2004, the presence of the 007s apparently does not connect with this function in WebPAC searching.)
f.  Check that description and FF coding of the Voyager record is for the print version (except as noted above for 007 fields).
a.  Place completed, bound paper copies in Special Collections Pickup box.
b.  Statistics:
Count each thesis as one new title cataloged for Hawn Collection
II.   FAQ on cataloging UH theses:
Q.   Is it ok to upload records with our 440 made-up series statement?
A:  No, use only the 830.   We will not strictly follow OCLC Bibliographic formats and standards at:  http:⁄⁄⁄oclc⁄bib⁄3_1.htm    which says:

·         Omit added entries for advisors, the institution, made-up thesis collection or series titles in fields 246, 700-740, and 8xx. Use 79x fields for these kinds of added entries.

Q:  What are the requirements for full encoding level?
A:  (see AACR2 quoted below:)
Appendix B: Full Level Record - Book
The record contains the basic bibliographic information fields (fields 100, 245, 260, and 300), as well as additional fields (e.g., fields 020 (International Standard Book Number), 050 (Library of Congress Call Number), 082 (Dewey Decimal Classification Number), 246 (Varying Form of Title), 500 (General Note), and 650 (Subject Added Entry-Topical Term)).
Appendix C: Minimal-Level Record - Book
The record contains fields for the basic bibliographic information: field 100 (Main Entry-Personal Name), 245 (Title Statement), 260 (Publication, Distribution, etc. (Imprint)), and 300 (Physical Description).
III.   Detailed step-by-step procedures for creating UH theses records in OCLC (rev. Nov. 2008)
PROCEDURE NO. 1:  Upload one Voyager record for paper
1. Complete cataloging in Voyager from CatSS prelim
2. Export record to file
MARC output, Unicode, one file per type, path: c:\v-import\import.bib
<To set up the 'save' icon In Toolkit, click 'configuration' icon, select button details, click icon for 'save record to file #1' (looks like a floppy with #1), add 'c:\oclcapps\import.bib' in Bib box, select 'Unicode' in Character set, and select 'One file per type, containing only last record exported' in File options.>
3. Import record into OCLC Connexion
4. Edit and update record for paper in OCLC Connexion
5. Edit Voyager record

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