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"Cataloger of the week"
"Western" language catalogers share certain duties by assuming "cataloger of the week" responsibilities in rotation.  The schedule of assigned weeks is posted on the department's manual calendar and on the Cataloging's online calendar on the Library Web page.  In addition, "cataloger of the week" is indicated on the in-out board.  Each cataloger is responsible for arranging to exchange weeks with another and revising the manual and online calendars in case of absences or vacations.
General duties of "cataloger of the week"
1. Catalog RUSH items (books and AV materials) received during the week.
2. Catalog "Rare" quota books. Special Collections normally brings down four titles a week to be cataloged for Hawn Rare or Pac Rare, or other special locations. These titles come to cataloger of the week unsearched and unverified, sometimes with special requests or notes from selectors. Cataloger should search Voyager, then appropriate utility, and do re-cataloging, adaptive or original cataloging as needed. Place completed items in Special Collections pickup tray. For processing instructions of rare materials, see Special Collections
Cataloger-of-the-week can refer, consult with, or trade with other catalogers any rush or Special Collections materials in unfamiliar languages or formats.
3. Check Voyager for UHM titles with DEDUP, UPCAT, RELINX or DEDUPPAU 591 fields, and revise, recatalog, relink or delete⁄suppress our bibs, mfhds or item records as needed. Do a phrase search or keyword search:  UHM DEDUP [RELINX, etc.] to find these records.
For definitions of the 591 codes terms, see: 591 code glossary
For guidelines and procedures, see the SCCC Web page at: SCCC Procedures
4. Serve as resource person for cataloging questions from CatSS staff
5. If selecting titles from the backlog, concentrate on oversize, odd-sized, bulky, multi-volume items.
GENERAL "TO DO" LIST (carried over from pre-migration to Voyager)
Things that need mopping up
1) old no-order ASIA material [Lost in 2004 Flood]
2) G&E pre-Voyager backlog [Lost in 2004 Flood]
3) odds-and-ends from Janettes office (CD-ROMS, Microforms, etc. -- all pre-Voyager stuff) [Lost in 2004 Flood]
4) Sophia's truck (?) [Lost in 2004 Flood]
5) search older HAWN⁄PACC materials against new database (search non-IN CATALOGING materials first) [IN CATALOGING materials Lost in 2004 Flood]
1) Census of India  [finished by PB 2⁄02]
2) WITHDRAWN material on trucks from Preservation
[backlog of paper printouts finished by CatSS 3⁄02]
3)   Re-search 2 year+ IN CATALOGING materials
[searching of Western backlog in Voyager from earliest items begun by J. Mayer, summer 2004 ]

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