he *mu---b*ca                           [default values in black]
00         Category of material                  h         microform
01         Specific material designation                  e         microfiche
02         Original⁄reproduction aspect                           [OBSOLETE, leave blank or accept defaults]
03         Polarity
                                             a         positive  (black text)
                                             b         negative (white tex)
04         Dimensions                           m         4x6 in microfiche
05         Reduction ratio range                  u         unknown
06-08         Reduction ratio                           ---         [default is 3 hyphens; assign true ratio if known]
09         Color                                    b         monochrome
10         Emulsion
                                             a         silver halide
                                             b         diazo         
                                             c         vesicular   
11         Generation                           c         service copy
12         Base of film                           a         safety base, undetermined
Emulsion definitions                                    Locally assigned call number format
silver halide = (one side shiney, other dull, black leader)         MICROFICHE S#
diazo = (two sides shiney, clear dark color leader)         MICROFICHE D#
vesicular = (light "milky" color leader)                           MICROFICHE V#
All UHM microfiche are assigned S#-style call numbers. Preservation has determined that it is safe to mix different emulsions together in the storage drawers, so the separate call number runs are no longer needed. However, at the current time (08⁄23⁄07) there are no plans to re-mark and integrate the existing runs.
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