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Shashi Collection records
As of November 2009, all new "Shashi Collection" (see⁄asiaref⁄japan⁄company⁄index.htm) titles are classed in local collections call number AC945, which is subarranged by this table.  Titles cataloged before Nov. 2009 will gradually be reclassed to the new collection number as time allows.  (Related local practice: As of December 2008, all titles in the Shashi Collection have the genre heading: 655 _7 ‡a Shashi. ‡2 local)
Every Shashi Collection record in Voyager now includes the correct OCLC number, and our holdings for all of these titles should now be attached to the corresponding record in OCLC WorldCat. I also created a local subject heading for your shashi collection (it is simply "Shashi"), and had our excellent student employee Hiromi Tsuchiya add that local subject heading to the Voyager records for all of the titles on your shashi collection homepage.* As new titles for this collection are cataloged, Hisami and Kaori will add the local shashi subject heading during the cataloging process.** If you could indicate "shashi" somewhere on the order or donor slip, that would be very helpful. If you ever want to round up all of these shashi records with one search, you can do a subject browse in Voyager WebPAC for "shashi". Please let me know you have any questions or concerns about this.  Also, please let me know you ever discover that we missed one.
* Except for those that are part of large sets on microfilm and do not have individual title-level Voyager records.
** The Shashi subject heading string is: 655 _7 ‡a Shashi. ‡2 local.

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