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VCD is a variant form of DVD, treat as you would a regular DVD. The worksheet⁄gift flag should indicate that the piece is a VCD. For call number, use the DVD accession number sequence. There needs to be a ‡z public note in the 852:
852   ‡b OuzV ‡h DVD #### ‡z <VCD; plays on some DVD players>
CALL NUMBER:   Use accession type call number: DVD + [acc. Number].
BARCODE:   Treatment is dependent on container, treat as you would Single case DVD, Paper case DVD, or Multi DVD, depending on packaging format
MFHD:          Use location code            OuzV
ITEM:         Use Item Type code           AV⁄Media
Don't forget to include number of pieces bucket when filling out ITEM record --   i.e. if important accompanying text is laid in the container, count it. Ignore (do not count as another piece) sheet inserts slid into the verso of the cover of the container (CD style packaging).  Examples:
Two VCD discs + one separate laid-in text = 3 pieces
One VCD disc in a container with an insert = 1 piece in item record (default)
Set the ITEM Status in each VCD ITEM record to In Process
(click on the graph button in the lower lefthhand corner of the ITEM record to open the selection window, scroll down to the In Process line, and double-click the words In Process; click the Ok button to set the status; save the ITEM record to save the status)
852   ‡b OuzV ‡h DVD #### ‡z <VCD; plays on some DVD players>
583   ‡l Library also has preservation copy
Use above MFHD notes mainly for Hawaiian and Pacific VCDs whenever a preservation or archival copy accompanies the circulating copy; (worksheet, if present, will be annotated: 1 use cop.; 1 p or archival cop.). Preservation⁄archival copies are stored in HAWN⁄PACC.
If there is more than one copy for a location, put the preservation note in the lowest copy number.
Count VCD titles on Monographs-Non-print Formats sheet, VDISC category.
Route to the appropriate destination, following the instructions from the routing chart.
For more technical information on VCD's see:⁄vcd

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