Special bound-with procedures for Government Documents
Gov Docs procedure covers:  Slip Laws, Serial Set, Treaties and Other International Acts Series.   Gov Docs receives Public Laws, Serial Set documents, and Treaties and Other International Acts Series (TIAS) in slip form.  These are barcoded by Marcive, who supplies full bib records for them.
Because Gov Docs will withdraw the slip items when the bound volumes are received, the Statutes at Large, Serial Set, or other volume number must be indicated on the holdings record so that staff can locate the pieces that are described in the bib record.
1.         When the bound vol. is received, barcode it. 
2.         Link all of the bib records for the individual slips included in the volume to the item record for the bound volume.
3.         Make sure the number of pieces in the item record reflects the number of bib records linked to that item record.  For example, if 60 bib records are linked to one barcode, the number of pieces in the item record should be 60.
4.         Delete all of the barcodes for the individual slip pieces and withdraw the pieces. 
5.         Make sure the item type is Library Use Only. 
6.         Add the volume number in an 852 ‡z public note: 
Serial Set Example:  852 3 1 ‡b OuzGDO ‡h Y 1.1⁄8:106-329 ‡z Serial 15000
Statutes at Large Example:  852 3 1 ‡b OuzGDO ‡h AE 2.110:106-282 ‡z Statutes at Large v.112⁄pt.5
TIAS Example:  852 3 1 ‡b OuzGDO ‡h S 9.10:10978 ‡z TIAS v.35⁄pt.4
7.         In many cases, there will be microfiche linked to the same bib record.  It will have the call number for the slip items with no note.
This same procedure may be used if barcoded monographic series are bound and in similar situations.

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