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Student time sheets
White time sheet
Make sure they have signed in lower left corner -- you also sign white time sheet - lower left corner
Add hours on student time sheets, converting if necessary
Partial week info goes on top of student's next time sheet (does not figure into pay, FYI only)
Multiply hours x rate - round up any fractions
Red scan sheets
Use #2 pencil only
Indicate hours worked and fill in the little circles underneath - just like a test -- use leading zeros -- only fill in hours worked pukas -- don't pencil in amount *yet*
Date and sign students red scan sheet in ink 
Photocopy red scan sheet and white student time sheet
Pencil in $ amount paid on Xerox copy (our copy) of student time sheet -- like a total
Pencil in $ amount paid on lower right corner of Xerox copy of red time sheet and circle it
Fiscal Office gets original red scan sheet
                           original time sheet
                           photocopy of the red scan sheet -- clip together
In Fiscal -- envelope and scansheet bundle go in basket on table
Transcribe the $ amount into the ledger, deduct paid amount in ledger
Pre-load the time sheets for the next pay period in the student's manila envelope
If you are supervising student assistants or paid interns, enter the hours worked and the amount paid in the Excel sheet in the folder on the LAN (Cat-Student funds) at the end of each pay period.  Keep an eye on student assistant budget as end of the fund period approaches to prevent overspending of our student allotment.

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