Online Electronic Resources (OER)
a)   Unrestricted (or "free") online electronic resources are those which allow access to the full content of the resource without requiring a paid subscription.
The restricted status of an OER may usually be determined by checking the serials department Electronic Resources list  here.
Further questions should be directed to the Electronic Resources Librarian if the staff member has examined the site thoroughly but still cannot determine if the OER is restricted.
b)   Restricted OER require paid subscriptions to allow access to the full content of the resource. Sometimes only a paid print subscription is required, so although the online version is "free", the OER is still restricted. Restriction is generally by IP address ranges. Check the Electronic Resources list here for known restricted OER.
c)   Multiple Records: CONSER allows either single or multiple records for different formats. UHM prefers a single record for a title held both in print and online electronic format. (However, CD-ROMs are on separate bib records).

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