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Added⁄Withdrawn copies
Make sure the MFHD ‡t copy number matches the copy number in the ITEM record copy box.
         in MFHD ‡t:   Copy 2
         in item record, box labelled copy:  2
Make sure that Location codes between MFHD and ITEM match 
As of 2000, UHM stopped the practice of adding a local 590 note (UHM: Library has both print and microform) in these cases. If you are editing a record for which UHM has both formats, delete the "both formats" 590 note.
WITHDRAWAL Procedures vary depending on whether you are withdrawing the last copy in the shared database or whether copies remain in the system.
Select one of the two main options to initiate the clickthrough:

UH only has:

Other site has:

See also:   Full record       Withdrawals
NOTE:  These procedures do not apply to
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