Unrestricted OER
1) Create a MFHD if not already present. NOTE: SCCC decided that all bibs must have at least one MFHD attached. If no site has print or microform holdings, then an unrestricted OER will only have one MFHD, with location ZWeb, call# ELECTRONIC FORMAT. Manoa is the only site which has a Voyager location for electronic remote resources at this time; therefore Manoa must create ALL unrestricted OER MFHDs.
2) Enter a 530 field, Additional physical forms available note, in the bib. Suggested wording in general unrestricted 530 note: Also available via World Wide Web. If existing 530 note is vendor-specific (e.g. Elsevier Science Direct, OCLC FirstSearch) or inaccurate, clean up to match general note
3) Make sure the URL is only in the BIB 856 ‡u. There should NOT be an 856 tag in the MFHD.
4) If 856 ‡z⁄‡3 notes such as "Abstracts and tables of contents available at:" are present, leave as is.
5) Follow other established procedures.
6) Cataloging staff will not check URLs for ongoing accuracy. If an unrestricted OER requires a URL update, reference staff should provide cataloging with the correct URL.

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