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Library of Congress & Other Resources

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Library of Congress

LC Online Catalog PCC/BIBCO Core Record Standard
LC Z39.50 Gateway to Other Libraries LC Cataloging Policy and Support Office
ALA-LC Romanization Tables Library of Congress Authorities
Descriptive Cataloging of East Asian Material

Other Resources

MFHDs in Hawaii Voyager : Guidelines for Summary Holdings Statements Systemwide Cataloging Coordination Committee (SCCC) Homepage
OCLC Technical bulletins OCLC Homepage / Getting Started with CatME
ALA Homepage RLIN Site Directory
ALA Committee on Cataloging : Description and Access Bishop Museum Homepage
HLA -- Hawaii Library Association Major East Asian Libraries World-Wide
National Library Catalogues Worldwide CEAL Technical Processing
Library Web Pages, Online Catalogs,
and System Profiles
Your guide to languages on the Web
CyberDewey -- Internet sites arranged by Dewey system Ethnologue
Languages of the world and a whole lot more!
Library -- Resources/Guides/Info : Berkeley Digital Library Sunsite-
Library Services via WWW
Library Resources 

ODLIS: Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science

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