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Memo # 99-02                                                                  02/26/99; rev. 05/06/00; rev. 2/26/02; rev. 8/04

Guidelines for Processing Kajiyama Collection titles

The Kajiyama Collection is the personal library of Japanese novelist Toshiyuki Kajiyama, which was donated to UHM Library in 1975.  It consists of more than 7000 volumes, chiefly in the Japanese language.  The collection covers Japanese emigration, Korea, 20th-century social life and popular culture, Kajiyama’s own writings, and other topics.  The collection is non-circulating and shelved in Asia, Kajiyama Collection.
Most items have gift plates attached, and many are marked with inventory numbers, which divide the collection into broad subject groups.
Inventory numbers beginning with
                                                    C = China;
                                                    H = Hiroshima;
                                                    I  =  Immigration materials;
                                                    K = Korea-related materials;
                                                    M = Manmo;
                                                    N = Nan’yo and Nanto Asia; and
                                                    Kaji = temporary category just for identification purpose.
541    $5HU ≠3 ASIA KAJI ≠a Toshiyuki Kajiyama; ≠c gift .≠e I-265.
        852        ≠z <Autographed by the author>
 852        ≠z  <Cop. 2 is 1974 printing>
852     ≠z <In phase box, YYYY>

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