Internships for summer 2014 are not available at this time.

HIMB places a limited number of student interns who are currently enrolled or recently graduated from Hawai‘i schools, in research laboratories or in education offices at the institute. Students from neighbor islands must be able to reside on O‘ahu for the duration of the internship, with housing and transportation support arranged independently of HIMB. With the exception of a few grant-funded programs, most internship opportunities for high school students and recent graduates are volunteer (i.e. unpaid) positions. Most faculty require a commitment of at least 6 months. It is generally understood that an academic year internship will be part-time during the school year, and either part- or full-time during the summer months. For inquiries regarding availability of internships or mentorships in research labs or in education offices, please first contact us vis email at

Undergraduates at UH should also visit the HIMB Undergraduate Research Opportunities page or the the UH Mānoa Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program for additional internship possibilities.

A student examines a coral polyp under a microscope.