Reef missions: exploring underwater
with an auv

HIMB has developed a series of high school lessons that uses Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) and telepresence technology to explore the coral reefs of Kāne‘ohe Bay. The AUV was developed for HIMB by engineers at the MIT Sea Grant AUV Lab. Science content relates to water quality, reef biodiversity, and threats to coral reefs. Teachers can also utilize each set of lesson materials independently of the AUV. Lessons introduce science topics and describe how to conduct transect-quadrat investigations and estimate basic diversity statistics, or analyze water quality data. Currently the AUV is being redesigned at MIT and is unavailable for use. However, if you would like to use our lesson modules in your own classroom independent of the AUV, they can be downloaded here:

Hawaiian Reef Biodiversity module

Threats to Coral Reefs module

Exploring Water Quality module

Image of a green sea turtle swimming along the reef taken by the AUV Reef Explorerís onboard camera.

The AUV Reef Explorer cruises the reefs of Kāne‘ohe Bay.