Soil Series

There are 42 soil series, three complexes, and an association on Oahu. They also include rock and stony lands, fill lands, and coral outcrops. Others are quarries, organic soils, marsh, and water areas including reservoirs.

Figure 2 shows three areas on Oahu which will be discussed for soil interpretation or suitability rating for a specific land use. This web page will describe the Kunia and Honouliuli areas, while another web page (Ikawa, 2009) will discuss the suitability rating for coffee production in the Opaeula area, north of Kunia area. Jefts farm is located in the Kunia area, while the Aloun farm is located in the Honoulliuli area. Many farms devoted to flower and vegetable crops occupy the Opaeula area. There may also be a potential for coffee production in the latter area. The study will include the interpretation of the soil series.

For the use of the soil family in the transfer of agrotechnology, see publication edited by Silva (1985).

Figure 2. Soil series map of Oahu
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