(bold may be absent among autistic children)




1 month responds to voice

adjusts in anticipation of being held

thrusts arms or legs in play

makes fists

2 months visually recognizes caregiver

smiles when someone smiles

makes crawling movements when prone

holds leg up when supine (on back)

3 months vocalizes 2 different vowel sounds

reacts to disappearance of face

turns from supine position to side

attempts to bring hand to mouth

4 months inspects own hands

turns head to sounds

uses arms to elevate body from prone (on stomach)

sits with support

5 months uses eye-hand coordination in reaching

picks up cube

turns from back to side

shifts weight on arms when prone

6 months smiles at mirror image

bangs in play

sits alone momentarily

pulls to sitting position from supine





(bold may be absent among autistic children)

7 months transfers objects from hand to hand

picks up cube deftly

turn from supine to prone

stepping movements when standing



8 months vocalizes 3 different vowel sounds

raises body to sitting position from supine

pulls to standing from supine

9 months imitates vocalization

rotates trunk while sitting alone

10 months cooperates in games

raises body to standing position

attempts to walk

11 months uses gestures to make wants known

looks at pictures in a book

walks sideways while holding onto furniture

sits down from standing position

12 months turns pages of book

jabbers expressively

walks with help

13 months pats toy in imitation

vocalizes four different vowel-consonant combinations

stands alone

walks alone


(bold may be absent among autistic children)

16 months scribbles spontaneously

imitates single words

walks alone with good coordination

throws ball while standing

  1. months builds tower of 2 cubes

uses word(s) to make wants known

walks up stairs or down stairs with help

22 months combines word(s) and gesture(s)

points to 3 of doll’s body parts

stands on one foot with help

25 months uses a 2 word utterance

imitates a 2 word sentence

runs with coordination

28 months builds tower of 6 cubes

uses a 3 word sentence

walks up and down steps alone placing both feet on each step

31 months builds tower of 8 cubes

swings leg to kick ball

jumps distnace of 4 inches

34 months imitates vertical and horizontal strokes

poses question

walks on titoe for 4 steps

37 months understands concept of one

understands 2 prepositions

walks up stairs alternating feet




(bold may be absent among autistic children)



42 months names 4 colors

understands 4 prepositions

copies a circle, a plus sign, or a square

48 months goes to toilet alone

hops on one foot

throws ball overhand

climbs well

60 months skips

ties shoes

follows 3 commands

dresses and undresses self