Yukie Hara(原 由紀恵)

PhD Student, Department of Linguistics
University of Hawai‘i, Manoa

Research Interests

Psycholinguistics, L1 Acquisition, Telicity, Aspectual theory, Lexical Semantics, Syntax, Syntax-Semantics Interface.

Presentations (selected)

Hara, Yukie (to appear) "Development of Telicity and Object Individuation," the Paper Presentation at JSLS2008.
Hara, Yukie (2007) "Boundary and Sentence Processing of Lexical Aspect," the Paper Presentation at MAPLL2007 held at Hiroshima University.
Hara, Yukie & Ono, Naoyuki (2005) "Event Structure and Clausal Linkage," the Paper Presentation at the 2005 KASELL International Conference on English Language and Linguistics, held at Korea University in June 21 and 22, Seoul, Korea. ---on the Proceedings of the 2005 KASELL International Conference: 101-10.
Hara, Yukie (2004) "語りのwhen節の意味構造 [The Semantic Structure of Narrative When Clauses]", the Presentation at the 129th meeting of the Linguistic Society of Japan, held at Toyama University in November 20 and 21, Toyama, Japan. ---on the Proceedings of LSJ 129th: 289-94.


・the Crown Prince Akihito Scholarship (2006-2008)

Work Experience (selected)

June 2007- Invited to talk at Morioka college, Iwate, Japan
・ two sections introducing 1) psycholinguistic research, and 2) studying abroad in U.S. with some suggestions on how to prepare, what are different compared to Japanese educational system, and notes of interest from the overall cultural experience.

April 2004 to March 2006 - Teacher of English (Part-time), Tohoku Gakuin Tsutsuji-gaoka high school, Miyagi, Japan
・ Subjects: Oral communication, English composition.
・ Activities include conducting class, introducing grammar, design and correction of examinations and brush-up quizzes, and extracurricular academic coaching for students.

Summer 2004 - Teacher of English (Part-time), Iwate Prefectural Ninohe nurses’ college, Iwate, Japan
・ Subjects: intensive reading course (Summer seminar) ・ Activities include conducting class, introducing grammar, and design of examinations.


SuperLab and E-Prime (Experimental Software), Windows Movie Maker (for Creation of Animated Videos for experimental stimuli: examples can be seen here). Knowledge of SPSS, Praat, Audacity, HTML.

Email: @

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