Operating Systems Project 5

This is the first of a two-part capstone project for ICS 612. In this part, you will document what you plan to do in the second part.

Design an operating system programming project that should be doable in two weeks or less. This project should require modifications of the operating system kernel of Linux, or modifications of the Minix system including kernel, drivers, and/or servers, or may be a program that runs on top of the bare seL4 kernel. Other sufficiently operating-system related programs may also be OK -- if you are thinking along these lines, please check with the instructor.

The project should be personally interesting to you. You should expect to do the project that you propose in the second part of this capstone, though the instructor may make some changes to what you propose.

This is an individual project. For the second part, you will be able to work in groups, and do one of the projects proposed by the members of your group.


Turn in the first draft of this project to the instructor by Sunday, April 7th. After you get feedback from the instructor, turn in the final version of your proposal by Wednesday, April 10th.