ICS 612 organization

Instructor: Edo Biagioni, esb@hawaii.edu. See here for office hours.

This class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays 12noon-1:15pm in Holmes 242.


In this course, students will:


This course has homework assignments, projects, presentations, and exams.

All students will be added to the course mailing list.

Grades are assigned based on your performance on:

Grading will use the (nearly) standard cutoffs of 97% (A+), 93% (A), 90% (A-), 87% (B+), 83% (B), 80% (B-), 77% (C+), 73% (C), 70% (C-), 67% (D+), 63% (D), 60% (D-). In grading, I will be looking for evidence of understanding of the material and evidence of your ability to do work in the field.

Projects and homeworks must be turned in on time, and will only be accepted late for very good reasons. You must do well in the projects to do well in this class. Exams may be taken early, if requested at least one week before the scheduled time.

Authorship and Collaboration

In this course, students who wish to do so are encouraged to collaborate on projects, unless otherwise specified in the assignment. Groups may have up to three people and should be reported to the instructor at the beginning of each assignment. Whatever you turn in must have been written by you and, for coding, must be your code -- if developed by a group, all authors must be explicitly listed at the beginning of the code or the assignment. You may only collaborate with other students who are taking ICS 612 this semester -- collaborating with anybody else will definitely be considered cheating. Some of the homework and project solutions may benefit from information found on the web -- you are welcome to consult and use such material, but if you do so:


Projects will require a computer on which to install Minix. This may be a system you already own, perhaps that you are willing to dual-boot, or more likely an emulation system, e.g. using bochs or qemu (see also a more comprehensive list of such emulators). Please email the instructor if you have any concern about this requirement. Instructions for downloading and installing Minix are here.


The textbook is "Operating Systems -- Design and Implementation", by Andrew Tanenbaum and Albert Woodhull (3rd edition, 2006). The textbook is available from the UH bookstore and online sellers, and is also available in an online version. The textbook has a home page.


I do re-use these course material, so I am always grateful when students can suggest improvements or corrections to any notes. I normally acknowledge authors of major new material, and do not acknowledge people who suggest minor improvements.

No Cheating Policy: any cheating will result in a grade of 0 for the assignment or exam the first time it is detected, and a grade of F for the course for any subsequent instance. There is to be no collaboration whatsoever on exams, and only collaboration within a defined group on projects and homeworks. Anything you turn in must be entirely your own intellectual contribution. This applies to the entire group in the case of group projects and homeworks.

The Student Conduct Code has more details on both impermissible behavior (see for example section III.c.2.a of the policies, Acts of dishonesty) and possible disciplinary sanctions.

If you have any questions, please contact the instructor.