WebQuests in Online Learning

The place of the WebQuest in modern online learning

The Internet, and the web in particular, offers at first glance an incredible opportunity for education. The "anywhere, anytime" reality of web sites offers an unparalled flexibility for learning convenience. However, the simple fact of the existence of a web pages does not in itself promote learning.

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Without structure, as web site is just a collection of facts, images, or other media. A WebQuest is an inquiry-based, on-line learning activity. The objective of the activity is to promote “transformative” learning outcomes, accomplished through the reading, analysis, and synthesis of online resources. WebQuests use the internet to present content and are often structured to help develop students’ problem-solving and decision-making skills.

WebQuests are good in the K-12 setting. For example, they can address HIDOE General Learner Outcomes like Effective and Ethical User of Technology (as they encourage students to use the Internet responsibly), Complex Thinker (as they encourage students to analyze a variety of resources while using creativity and critical-thinking skills), Self-directed Learner (as they encourage students to be responsible for their learning), Quality Producer (as they often require students to recognize and produce quality), and Effective Communicator (as they require students to communicate efficively) . WebQuests can address HCPS III benchmarks across the curriculum.

Creating a WebQuest

This site is part of a learning object creating for the ETEC 649 "Development of Online Courseware" by Dr. Curtis Ho, during Spring 2010. With it we intend not only to introduce WebQuests to you, but also to help guide you through creating your own.

Setting Out

Above you will see the link "the webquest". This will present sections, in a menu underneath the header, to learn key aspects to making your own WebQuest.

When You Complete your Quest

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Supporting Document and Survey

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