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ICS 691 - Social Computing with Dr. Rich Gazan

  • Maintained a bi-weekly blog
  • Group final project analyzed the community component of Mendeley

LIS 612 - History of Books and Libraries with Dr. Rebecca Knuth

  • Presented on the topics of Yong Le Encyclopedia and History of Academic Library

LIS 650 - Management of Libraries with Gregg Geary

  • Presented on the topic of Library Management 2.0

LIS 615 - Collection Management with Dr. Andrew Wertheimer

  • Created a collection management portfolio: Chinese Overseas Collection, Central Library, Universitas Indonesia
  • Book review
  • Collection management shadowing and policy critique

ETEC 679 - Mobile Learning with Dr. Grace Lin

  • Explored possibilities of using mobile technology in education
  • Reviewed apps for educational purposes
  • Integrated mobile technology into education, i.e. enhanced interactive museum field-work experience

LIS 690 - Internship at Cataloging Dept., Hamilton Library, Univ. of Hawai'i at Manoa

  • Worked on original, preliminary, copy, and adaptive monograph, serials, & electronic cataloging
  • Established name authority files
  • Final Presentation

LIS 690 - Internship at Central Library, National University of Singapore

  • Assisted in outreach and orientation activities
  • Created a Southeast Asia area studies LibGuides for the library
  • Performed original cataloging and indexing for PERIND
  • Southeast Asian Studies LibGuides

LIS 671 - Digital Librarianship with Dr. Peter Jacso

LIS 601 - Introduction to Reference and Information Services with Dr. Diane Nahl

  • Reference Interaction Report: Notes from the Field
  • Pathfinder: Mauna Kea: Hawaii's White Mountain
  • Bibliography Plan: Economic Structure and Development of the Danie People of Baliem Valley, Papua, Indonesia

LIS 605 - Basic Cataloging and Classification with Dr. Donna Bair-Mundy

  • MARC, LCSH, LCC, and Dewey Decimal System

LIS 610 - The Information Environment with Dr. Noriko Asato

  • Historical Biography Study - Samuel Swett Green
  • Philosophical Position Paper - Library as a Service and User-oriented Institution
  • Presentation - Library 2.0 and Digital Library
  • ePortfolio

LIS 618 - Government Documents and Archives with Gwen Sinclair

  • Term Paper/Presentation - Archie and his Pals in the Peer Helping Program

LIS 663 - Basic Database Searching with Dr. Rich Gazan

  • Term Project (group) - Google Online Marketing Challenge 2010 with Indonesian Book Vendor
  • Live Reference Session - Chinese Overseas in Asian Business, Bibliography of Asian Studies, and JSTOR

LIS 670 - Introduction to Information Science and Technology with Dr. Donna Bair-Mundy

  • Term Paper/Presentation - Library 2.0: Are We Ready?
  • Proposal for Internet Use Policy
  • Recommendation for a User Study
  • Evaluation of an Online Catalog
  • Language Documentation Web Portal

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