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Another option in the in the fight against subterranean termites is the use of non-chemical control means. Often referred to as mechanical barriers or physical barriers, non-chemical barriers offer the advantage of indefinite longevity without pesticide use. Given proper installation, mechanical barriers should maintain their effectiveness over a longer period of time than conventional chemical (pesticidal) barriers. This is one of the concepts behind TERMI-MESH, developed by TERMI-MESH Australia Pty. Ltd. (Australia).

TERMI-MESH is a marine grade 316 stainless steel wire mesh which protects the foundation and lower structural members of a house or building from termite penetration. The aperture size is too small for the termites to crawl through, and the material is too hard for the termites to chew. It doesn't kill the termites; instead, it physically prevents them from coming up from the ground and making contact with the foundation or structure.

In 1997, Dr. Ken Grace concluded two year-long field tests in which several TERMI-MESH units were placed in heavily infested termite collection traps and underground. After one year, termites had not directly penetrated any of the TERMI-MESH material. This study reveals, however, that proper installation methods are critical in preventing termites from circumventing the edges of the barrier. Careful installation or application are essential when using any physical or chemical barrier.


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