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The majority of the studies conducted by the U.H. Termite Project deal with investigating new techniques and technologies aimed at controlling wood-destroying insects. A listing of publications can be found here on Dr. Grace's profile page in the CTAHR website.

To request a reprint, contact Dr. Ken Grace at Or call/mail/fax us at the numbers/addresses on our contact page.


The U.H. Termite Project, in conjunction with the Cooperative Extension Service, has published some useful informational guides and research updates on the Formosan subterranean termite, identifying Hawaii's termites, and technologies for termite control.


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Hot Topics

Multilocus DNA fingerprinting
A brief article outlining this remarkable technique.
Wood preservatives Wood preservatives
Field and laboratory studies with various treatments.
Naturally durable woods Naturally durable woods
Wood with some natural insect resistance.

Many of our studies have been critical in the development or approval of many commercially available termite control products, some of which you may be familiar with. Here is a select sample of some of our projects.

Coptotermes gestroi (formerly C. vastator)
A focus on the rediscovery of the Philippine milk termite in Hawaii


DISCLAIMER: Reference to a company or product name does not imply approval or recommendation of the product by the University of Hawaii, the College of Tropical Agriculture & Human Resources (CTAHR), the Department of Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences (PEPS), the Cooperative Extension Service, or the U.H. Termite Project, to the exclusion of others that may be suitable.