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Buying a home Buying a home

No home can be 100% termite proof.

However, there are steps that can be taken to achieve varying degrees of termite resistance. Prospective homeowners, whether looking for a previously-occupied residence or a brand-new unit, have a few things to consider before making their purchase. Often, certain construction details, whether they be the result of aesthetics, cost-cutting, or oversight, are included in new structures, despite being conducive to moisture accumulation or termite attack.

Even to houses which have been very carefully planned and constructed, there is always something more a homeowner can add to further improve a house's resistance to termites. As there are many termite management products and techniques available, it is up to each individual homeowner to asses the immediate and long-term costs of each and weigh them against the possible costs of future repair (or how it may affect the resale value of the home).

In searching for a home, slightly different approaches to termite protection may be available, depending on whether the home is new or used. More termite warding options may be available if additional planning is done prior to the construction of a new home, as some methods are better suited as precursors to construction, rather than as retrofits.