Recreational Paddling Schedule Update 12/5/2011

Aloha paddlers,
recreational paddling has been going on strong - we certainly have had some great runs!
It has been brought to my attention that there is interest for a 4:30pm practice and a regular weekend run. therefore, here is the new recreational paddling schedule for now:

4:30pm-5:30pm. whoever goes out must come back by 5:30.

5:30-dark. those from the 4:30 run can go out with the rest at 5:30 for a double workout or end it there.

8:00am - 10-ish

again, no experience necessary, so bring your friends or other family members. hope to see you in the water!

Lisa Bento

2011 Na Opio Season update 12/7/2011

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving with friends and family. As we move forward going into the new year. Ka Māmalahoeʻs kids are hard at work paddling. With the start of races the first week of January, I write to you all in in request for your kokua with canoe holding as well as support on the beach. Kids love to have spectators and what better way to help support of club but with your presence. I really appreciate all the time and support you give to the club and I appreciate knowing that you all have been there for me and the kids all the time.
In the up comming weeks the kids will also be selling some onolicious cookie corner cookies. YUM YUM! They are selling chocolatechip cookies from Cookie Corner HAWAII at $6 a bag. Help support the program and buy a bag today.