ICS Data Visualization Project 3: We are family

Team members

- Dylan Kobayashi in charge of parsing wiki data and character/season explorer
- Patryk Poborca in charge of UI and Data parser
- Eric Wu in charge on providing interpretations of data via charts

backup youtube link
plain text: "http://www.youtube.com/embed/qs8GCBJ02u8"

The vision

- Dynamic: a UI that is not overly limited by the creator's imagination, a high level customisation is provided for the end user.
- Informative: your data exploration doesn't have to end at the data parser, you can delve deeper into seasons/episodes/characters through the explorer
- Minimalistic: allows the user have an unimpeded view of the data along with all options
- Divided: two separate views permit the user to explore grouped data on one side and specific information on the other.