Principles of Marketing (MKT 310) – Spring 2015

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Drew Martin, Ph.D.

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Text: Principles of Marketing, 2e by J.F. Tanner and M.A. Raymond, Flatworld Publishing






Course Description: Fundamental marketing concepts, principles, and issues are analyzed within present economic, social, and legal environments. Consumer behavior and functional analysis are emphasized. Prerequisites:  ECON 130, BUS 290, and ACC 201.

Course Objectives: While the marketing profession can be viewed as a specialized area of study, you likely will have a marketing component in your chosen field. A general background in marketing will be useful for understanding the complexities of the marketing environment and creating opportunities for future success in your field. This course’s purpose is to introduce marketing principles and concepts. Both theory and practical application will be addressed. Upon successful completion of this class, course participants will have a working knowledge of the following:


Acquired knowledge of marketing concepts and its successful implementation in a corporate setting;


Demonstrated ability to apply marketing theory to actual situations;


Gained an understanding of the evaluation and selection of consumer and organizational target markets;


Understood the importance of steps in marketing research; and


Developed and organized information that could be used to develop a marketing plan.






Measures of Success:





Tests - 80%

Five examinations of equal weight are scheduled for this course. Each test includes both multiple choice and short-answer essay questions. Test questions cover both assigned reading and lectures. The first four tests focus on topics discussed since the previous test.  The final examination is cumulative.  Your test grade will be calculated from the four best test scores.  A comprehensive review will be given during the class session prior to each scheduled examination. Tests are scheduled on February 11, March 11, April 10, May 4, and May 11. This class has no provisions for make-up examinations or extra credit.


Current Event Assignment - 10%

Course participants are required to present one current event assignment. Immediately after the presentation, the student must give the instructor a paper copy of the summary presentation.  The word-processed summary will be graded and returned to the student.  Please follow the writing guidelines very carefully. The current event assignment is divided equally between the presentation and the written component.


Participation/Preparation - 10%

Course participants must be prepared to discuss the assigned materials. If class attendance wanes or the instructor feels most students are not adequately prepared, unannounced quizzes will be given. Students uncomfortable speaking during class can earn participation credit sending comments or questions to the instructor prior to the day that the assigned topic is discussed in class.


Grading Scale: Based on the total number of points for the class, grades will be assigned on the following scale.





















Below 60%









Class Policies:





The instructor reserves the right to modify any of the material in the Syllabus and Class Schedule with sufficient notice given to course participants.


Each student is responsible for obtaining all handouts, announcements, and schedule changes.


This course has no provisions for make-up examinations or extra credit.


Class starts on time; please be punctual.


Please turn off your cellular telephones and do not use them during class.


Important class announcements may be communicated by e-mail—check your UHH e-mail account regularly.






IMPORTANT REMINDER: Students are responsible for submitting their own work. Students who cooperate on oral or written examinations or work without authorization share the responsibility for violation of academic principles and the students are subject to disciplinary action even when one of the students is not enrolled in the course where the violation occurred.

Note. Any student with a documented disability who would like to request for accommodations should contact the University Disability Services Office (933-0816 (Voice), or 933-3334 (TTY), uds@hawaii.edu, Hale Kauanoe (A Wing Lounge), as early in the semester as possible.

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