Assessment Methods

Assessing Skill in Application and Performance
Assessment Type Description Objective Implementation
Directed Paraphrasing Provide students with a specific purpose and target audience. Then ask them to paraphrase part of a unit or topic To assess students' understanding and internalization of learning; encourage improvement of speaking skills or writing skills Provide this to students as a homework assignment- they are required to orally present their response during the next class meeting
Application Cards Students describe real-world/workplace applications for the important principle, theory, or process that they just learned To ascertain whether or not the student clearly understands the concept and applications Provide this to students as a homework assignment- select random students to orally present their response during the next class meeting
Students Create Test Questions Students develop test questions from the course materials including the textbook, class discussions, in-class activities and homework exercises To identify the information that students consider most important; to see what students remember most; to confirm that students have completed required course readings and assignments Use Think-Pair-Share; use round-robin brainstorming; use other cooperative communication strategies in class
Prospectus for a Paper or Project Students prepare a prospectus which can be a brief first-draft or plan for a research paper or course project To assist students in organizing their thoughts and outline the steps needed to complete the task; to insure that students properly plan/prepare for the learning activity Use as an individual or team project- allow class time for developing the prospectus

source: Fenton, C. and B. Watkins (2008) Learner-Centered Assessment: Real Strategies for Today's Students. The Cross Papers 11, 1-46.