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Assessment at KCC

Welcome to the KCC Assessment Committee website. This site is meant to be a resource for assisting faculty and staff with assessment. If you would like further help with assessment please contact a member of the assessment committee.


Current Assessment Committee members:

Pat McGrath pmcgrath@hawaii.edu
Frances Dinnan dinnan@hawaii.edu 
Michael Gmelin gmelin@hawaii.edu 
Will Dressler dressler@hawaii.edu
Gordon Talbo gtalbo@hawaii.edu
Gigi Drent gdrent@hawaii.edu
Tammie Napolean tnapoleo@hawaii.edu
Sharon Milan smilan@hawaii.edu
Martina Hilldorfer hilldorf@hawaii.edu


Assessment Committee Mission

The mission of the KCC Assessment Committee is to inform the strategic and operational decisions of the College and its component units through appropriate and systematic use of information in planning, evaluation, improvement, and the demonstration of accountability.

To meet this mission the Assessment Committee has the following goals:

  • Identify the information needs of campus units.
  • Foster the efficient collection and subsequent dissemination of information
  • Facilitate appropriate interpretation, understanding, and subsequent use of information in College and Unit decisions.